BREAKING SILENCE – A Pet Peeve Comes to Light

This is one of the best rants I’ve seen/heard in a very long time so I just wanted to share.

Donna Gwinnell Lambo-Weidner

“Just let it out Margo!” my daughter urged. She started calling me Margo at a young age, whenever yelling “Mom! Mom! Mom!” didn’t get my attention.

Clearly, she thought I had been keeping silent too long. An hour of heavy sighs, muted mumblings and grumblings might have been the tip-off. “No, it’s stupid. I’m being judgemental. A little thing like that shouldn’t bother me,” I said.

“Like you always tell me, Mom. Just do it!”

Just do it

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8 thoughts on “BREAKING SILENCE – A Pet Peeve Comes to Light

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa! (Cue Disneyland’s most annoying song!) so how do you know one of my absolute fave bloggers (and commenters) Donna??? I was just about to leave my own comment directly on her post when I notice your gorgeous pic. This is hysterical– how many millions are on WordPress? Way more fun (and coincidental) than bumping into people you know at the local laundromat. Oh and check out her “T’was the Night Before” parodies. I did one (my first blog posting ever in Dec, 13) but she’s The Master!


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