Another One (civil liberty) Bites the Dust

Well I’m just a little on the cranky side – actually I mighty riled to tell the truth.  How is it possible that at both a State and Federal level for our representatives can be such complete assholes  (in general there are a few who try to keep things going)

ID cards


During WWII ID cards were required for men, women and children and to be carried at all times.  After the war this practice was scrapped as it had been purely a war-time measure.  Even so I think I would have had an issue with it even then but now in its infinite wisdom and glory our State Government is trying to implement (via a back door) the first step toward a national Id using the argument of electoral reform/fraud.

What I have inserted below was taken from the Get Up Email sent to me as one of its members here in Australia – I have decided not to put it into my own words to get the point across because

  1. They do that quite well themselves
  2. My tendency to be flip is not appropriate this time – and you know I can’t help myself if I get started.
  3. This isn’t really a rant but it is really important – we’re one step from being forced into a national ID as well as the glaring social justice issues this whole topic engenders.

So without further ado welcome to the wonderful world of weirdest and unwisest political scum moves ever:


A quiet attack on our democracy is happening in Queensland and it’s up to us to sound the alarm.

Right now Queensland MPs are considering a bill proposed by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie that would change the face of democracy in Queensland. If the bill becomes law, our system will become murky, corrupt and strongly favour the LNP for years to come.

The changes would mean all Queensland’s would be required to show ID when they vote. In theory, this doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. But in practice, it’s a different story.

The changes will stop people voting, and they’ll disproportionately affect the elderly, young, Indigenous Australians, those living with a disability, those experiencing homelessness and those who live in remote communities or even those who just move house frequently.

The Queensland Attorney-General claims that the changes are to address voter impersonation. But this year his own department stated:
“…there is no specific evidence of electoral fraud in this area, introduction of proof of identity requirements could be considered a disproportionate response.” 1

If he’s acting against his own department’s advice, you have to wonder what his real motives are.

Although they will be voted on in a few weeks, right now most Queenslanders don’t even know these laws are being considered. That’s why we want Queenslanders to hear about what’s going on, and it’ll be most effective if they hear from the people the laws will hit hardest.

If you are someone who would be affected by these laws, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you. Simply reply to this email and let us know.

It’s a familiar story. Barriers to voting. Silencing people less likely to vote conservative. It’s an assault on the fairness and freedom of our democracy that no one knows is happening.

We’ve seen this before. In 2006, the Howard Government introduced laws that prevented an estimated 150,000 Australians from voting. In the end, GetUp members took the laws to the High Court and had them declared unconstitutional.

It’s a fight that’s too important not to have. 

4 thoughts on “Another One (civil liberty) Bites the Dust

  1. They were trying to get ID cards implemented here in the UK, if I remember correctly, this year would have been the year when they got it in place if it had gone through. Luckily it didn’t.

    It was too intrusive – they wanted eye scan details and all sort of crap on them… as a comedian said – why do I need a card with my eye details on them – I do actually have my eyes on my at all times.

    Although having lived in the UK for 17 years, I do not hail from here… and I do actually have an ID card, which back where I come from is optional. I wanted one, as it’s valid ID, credit card size, so fits nicely in the wallet, and to me was a brilliant option as I don’t drive and have no driving licence as ID (and who wants to carry about their passport?).

    So… for or against? Very much so against one that keeps track of you, and isn’t optional. And for one that’s optional, and has no more details of you on it than a driving licence (mine has less, as it doesn’t have my address on it).


    • I know – I have photo Id but it doesn’t hold my history in a chip the way the new ID they are proposing will.

      I’m just quite concerned by a government who is making moves to tag its citizens like cattle and limit the amount of protest that can be made so early in its term – what are they planning that is worse than what they have already proposed that they feel the need to address such ideas so soon.

      I think it is that thought more than anything that gives me the chills – it would easy to go – don’t over react this is Australia – but you know with what is happening this is not the Australia I lived in even 20 years ago.


      • I saw a video a little while ago… from what I’ve read on the net it seems it’s a wee bit of scaremongering tactic in the hope to get people to subscribe to their magazine (I have no money – no need to find out how to protect it! Hahahahaha!)… but how governments have acted in the past when feeling in a financial corner terrified me. Made me feel sick with the thoughts this might happen again. However, I live in Scotland… it might go independent soon, so who knows what will happen then.

        I’m glad the intrusive ID didn’t come into place here… but I feel more intrusive actions might.


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