Darkness Falls & Eternally Yours

Book Two


She’s back or is she – that it seems will be the question and by her choices wheels of something greater start to turn.

This is the continuation of our irrepressible heroine Nastasya’s journey toward herself as she struggles to accept the past and live in the present.  

Suffice to say that in this we continue to explore the convoluted workings of the quirky immortal who at 400 has only just seemed to hit adolescence. One who if she doesn’t grow up soon will never get the chance.





Book Three

As, the final book in the series – well let us just say that I did not see this coming.  

A battle looms and Nastasya must decide once and for all who she and what she is prepared to risk in a conclusion that keeps you hooked right to the bitter end.

Will Reyn be at her side, can she ever truly accept him there? All is answered in this fast paced piece of fantasy fiction.

Join all those you have grown to love at Rivers End and meet new immortals who may or may not be on their side.  A brilliant and at times heart wrenching conclusion to a wonderfully woven trilogy.

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