You Can Only Take So Much



Over the past few weeks we have been inundated with one amazingly stupid unwise decision after another by our current federal government who seem to remain oblivious to the mutterings both quiet and load of the public, even those who traditionally would be supporters of a conservative parliament. I’ve been getting more disgusted as each day goes by and now I need to unload (lucky me I have a blog for that) with a good old-fashioned rant – so here goes:

I’ve had ENOUGH!!!

It seems to me that the Australian government as a whole is in deep denial and quite happy to stay that way. The aggressive manner in which they come after community groups that they see as “anti-abbott” as well as their continued threat toward the ABC leaves me wondering just who did Australia put in office. Because the scary thing is when I say they are acting like jack booted thugs bullies running a totalitarian fear based style parliament is that I’m not speaking rhetorically I’m in deadly earnest.

I grew up in a political household and a conservative one at that. I was in my teens during the Fitzgerald Inquiry here in Qld and in my twenties as our state was batted between parties and premiers like a game of keep away. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it could be worse than that in a country like Australia (or how Australia is supposed to be).

I’ve watched my mother and father wash their hands in disgust with the conservatives and throw their hands in the air at Labour.

Now in my forties I have seen our leadership change on a whim, for vanity, for self promotion regardless of the spin doctoring any of them gave. I worked long and hard in PR and marketing during my thirties and I know media spin when I see it.

I have had to stand back and accept that I can no longer believe that our representatives are actually able to represent us as they are far to busy representing themselves.  We are now faced with a government that is happy – keen in fact – to suppress the kind of grass-roots voice that our system was built on. (theoretically)

They will not see and they will not hear what is contrary to their own personal agenda’s. Those seeking asylum call negative attention to Australia and it’s humanitarian rights record – so remove them – out of sight out of mind. Don’t mention distasteful things such as torture or we’ll come after your group, community even employment.

Shhh is the word of the day in regards to the reef, to asylum seekers, nuclear waste, education and ever declining standard of mental and general health care or hell any opinion at all.  It’s all photo ops and every act viewed through the lens of re-election funding from the large backers.  What is worse if not Abbott then who – there are good representatives out there – but they lack funding, security and influence most likely because they do their best to do their jobs.

So the question I’m asking myself now in my mid-forties is what will I be seeing in ten years? Based on what we have now I’m not overly optimistic so where does that leave us. Well for some of us who thought that our middle years may yield less excitement than the younger days we go back to basics.

Don’t let our government bully groups such as GetUp and attempt to threaten our ABC into compliance.  Drag every person you know, every person you have ever met to the local community groups in you areas – donate time, money, ideas and through overwhelming public support that undeniably disputes their ‘mandate’ force our government to attend to the business of governing.

If every group increases in numbers and funding then after a while if the government still persists in refusing to deal with issues of the day in the manner in which our country endorses then I believe things could get interesting. The legislative and legal system has all sorts of nifty ways of disempowering a government for failure to govern. You never know my fifties may yet be worth waiting for.

2 thoughts on “You Can Only Take So Much

  1. Models which are more effective seem to emerge from some of the Scandanavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark – Democratic Socialist governments – or as Prot in KPAX states; the Swedish and Norse are more KPAXIAN than the remaining human population.

    We are locked in the Westminsterian style of government which will perpetually ‘spin’ out the marginalised; community groups (with a spin on government generosity to funding); and, for example, those individuals and groups seeking asylym (with a ‘spin’ on protecting our artificial boundaries of nationalism).


    • I have always liked the way you express yourself (smartie pants) and yes you are correct the system as it stands now allows for things such as this to occur with limited avenues of redress for the general populace.


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