Book, Books, Books

I Read Therefor I Am


Now I don’t know about you but there is very little in life that I consider anywhere close to a good book, except of course a great book.

So to start I must admit that I have somewhat confused eclectic tastes in literature and to the amusement of many who know me am quite happy to quote Stephen King right alongside Paul Harding (winner of the Pulitzer prize for fiction) when trying to make a point or illustrate a thought.  So far I have found something of worth in nearly every genre in literature, whether it be insight, amusement or any of the myriad of reasons one reads for.

As part of this blog I’m going to share with you some reviews of the books I have read and those I will be reading as time goes on.  I hope over time others will join in and share their views and favourite books.

The first three I will put up will be done once I’ve finished here and from then on I will add another three each week.

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