Lancelot De Lethe

Lancelot of the Lake

This is a very different look at the story of Lancelot and Guinevere. Of all three books I liked this one the least. It was brilliant and I did enjoy it very much but I just felt that it lacked the fire of the other two.

That, I have come to believe, is because Lancelot as a character was reactionary rather than proactive. Life happened around him and he responded to it – at time heroically but he did little that was not in reaction to circumstance.

This I suppose is what made him so different from Arthur who sought to mould the world around him and create something different from what had always been. It is however a story rich in detail and fraught with betrayal that isn’t betrayal and yet in the end it is what divides them all.

I would read the other two first and then this as it rounds both out in many ways and fills in some blanks that the other two left open to speculation.

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