Starting To Take Shape

This has been such an interesting experience, venturing into something like this on my own behalf and not for a client or friend.

I will admit that some of it has been challenging but all of it in a positive way. Making the choice to reconnect with the world and finding to my very great surprise relief that I hadn’t completely destroyed any chance of a connection was wonderous and this is part of me trying to find my way into the world again.

It may seem like this sudden major leap – especially considering the nature of a blog means that it out there in the digital world exposed to a far greater number of people (potential) than ordinary human interaction entails.  What some may not understand is that because writing is what I do and in a large part who I am this is actually much less nerve-racking than you would think.

Well the framework is there and first pages are set-up and I’ve even had some visit’s that weren’t family.  I will be working on ways to promote the site in a few weeks once I learn more about how the setting work and I get more comfortable navigating this new medium.

Shhh can you keep a secret – I’ve learnt not to rush into promoting a site or page after a rather shaky start with FB that involved a number of Social Media Shame moments – so no one outside those on my friends list and those who I share the link with will be accessing this until I am certain I know I won’t make an idiot of myself by accident.

I have no problem with making an idiot of myself – but only intentionally – accidentally is a whole other ballgame.

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