Happy Valentine’s Day to All


I found this a little while ago when I was looking for images to make my valentine’s day card for my husband this year.  After coming across so many wonderful images I decided to make a folder of my favourites to keep at hand if there was ever a need – after all you never know when a heartfelt grovel appeal may be in order.

This will be the first Valentine’s Day for my little blog, in fact it will be its first major annual event so I decided to celebrate by sharing one of my favourite images to do with love with anyone who may be passing or for anyone who comes in the future and wants to take a look around.

Remember it costs nothing to smile and even less to share that smile with those around you.  On this day take a moment to think of those you love and if you find it has been too long since you told those you care for that you love them then take the time today to do so.

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